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tv   Fox 5 News at 5  FOX  November 15, 2010 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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detention hearings and today the u.s. attorney said that this is the beginning and that the selection is far from over. >> federal agents searched 11 locations throughout prince georges county, including a liquor store in langley park. the store's owner, his wife and two prince georges county police officers sergeant richard delambra and kim are among seven accused of smuggling liquor and cigarettes from virginia and selling it untaxed in maryland. a second indictment, prince georges county police officer and another person are charged with trafficking and cocaine and a firearms charge. >> these two cases have won important feature in common. they allege that police officers violated the trust of the people of portion county. sold their authority and joined with criminals to commit serious criminal violations. >> police arrested the nine suspects and are attempting to seize $3.5 million this cash.
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25 properties including mel high's $2.3 million clarkville home, 13 vehicles and 84 bank accounts. federal authorities say the arrests are part of the ongoing corruption probe that led to the arrest of prince georges county executive jack johnson and his wife last week. >> there are a series of related investigations. this case and other cases are among the series of related investigations. >> reporter: the u.s. attorney follows any leads and more arrests are expected. the case is part of a corruption probe the fbi says goes back more than four years. >> the interest in corruption in the county has been long reaching. this investigation has utilized multiple technique over the course of years including wiretaps and cooperating individuals. >> what may be surprising in this case is that two of the three police officers that were arrested today have very lengthy careers with the prince georges county police
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department. sergeant delabra has been with the force 22 year and corporal kim, more than 16 years. >> what are the possible penalties ofen the charges they are facing? >> the two facing the charges of drug trafficking and firearms charge face the most severe penalties. that's a minimum of five years to a maximum of a life sentence. they would also face another five years for the weapons charge. as far as the smuggling of the cigarettes and the liquor, that were untaxed and sold in maryland, that would only come with a maximum of a 20-year prison sentence, and a fine of $250,000. >> you mentioned more arrests are coming. any idea who else they are looking at? who else might be arrested? >> reporter: well, we have already seen the executive branch of the government hit with the arrest of the county executive. now you have the law enforcement branch with the arrest of these three officers.
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we did ask today if any other branches of government, perhaps a county council could be tainted by the corruption probe. the u.s. attorney would not go in to any details about who else might be arrested but he did say that as the case has broken open over the last few days that they are getting more and more information. there are more people that they want to talk to. they have a lot more evidence to go over. and they don't want those people. they want to talk to to no what they have. clearly there is more to come out of. >> they are asking anyone with information to come forward with it. thank you very much. the corruption investigation of prince georges county and the county executive's office is widespread. today, three prince georges county police officers were arrested. wisdom martin is continuing our coverage live from police headquarters in palmer park. wisdom. >> they had a press conference to address the officers arrested today and he said he is outraged at the disgraceful
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conduct that tarnished the badge in the name of greed and personal gain. he was made aware of the investigation early on but did not want to know names because he wanted everything to be on the up and up while the investigation was completed and today the feds came and said they were about to make a move. they assisted and the officers were taken in to custody without incident. the chief is outraged at this and says this type of misconduct is unacceptable and will not be tolerated in the department. >> when we have one employee not doing the right thing and is actually involved in some type of process that discredits the force, it does impact our credibility in the community, but i want to assure the community that as long as chief hylton is in charge, i think there are some that may not appreciate it but there will be accountable at all levels.
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everybody will be held accountable for the performance of their jobs, to show up to work, to take care of their employees and to actually provide a proper service to this community. that's the bottom line. >> one of the officers involved was already on suspension because he had been arrested in september while off duty because they found narcotics in his car. previously, also had been arrested before then. so this makes the third time for him. that's why the chief says this is a big problem. we talked about two officers working part-time job attic tock liquors and the chief says they will review the part-time policy because some of the places where the officers are working he says they should not be working. back to you. >> i know the investigation is just getting going and some of the information is just coming out. we know two officers have been working for the prince georges county police department for a long time. have you been able to learn
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anything about their background? >> the only thing they talked about today was the fact that he had been in trouble before and they wanted to make it clear that out of all of the officers they have in the department, if there are office everies that are doing wrong they will be caught. and he talked about how they have redone internal affairs, just so they can catch officers. he called them bad apples that would bring bad light on the department because it is very important to have a good relationship and good understanding with the community and to be a department where the community can trust them enough to help them solve some crimes. you want witnesses to come forward and be able to trust the police department and the officers that are out on the streets. he said it is very important that they weed out any of the bad apples. he said he made it his mission when he took over and bake interim chief, he said he wanted to make sure the department was in a good light and to weed out any bad apples. the investigation is ongoing. we don't know how many more officers there may be but he said this is one of the things he wants to take care of while
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he's in charge. >> wisdom martin reporting live, thank you. so far jack johnson is refusing to comment on the arrest of the county police officers or to speak any further about his or his wife's own corruption charges. despite the accusations swirling around him, the county executive went to work today. fox 5's karen gray houston is live with that part of the story. >> jack johnson gave the appearance today of not running and hiding. the tone allows him to go to work. he said he will finish out the last three weeks of his office and now it looks like that is what he will do. >> do you have any comments this morning. >> reporter: no comment are the johnsons at their mitchellville home this morning. his wife, leslie, the newly elected county council woman left and then the county executive on an extraordinary day at the county administration building this was jack johnson coming to face the media. >> good morning, everybody. i just wanted to say, come out
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and say that, you know my family and i are doing really well. we are strong. >> reporter: the embattled county executive said he wanted to address county residents and thank well wishers. >> i received probably more than a thousand telephone calls, and messages from all of the churches. >> reporter: he ducked questions about his own case and the police officers arrested. >> i'm not going to comment on anything. i think i made my statement. i want to say good morning again. >> reporter: he said his work day will be focused on expendability report. >> look at expenses for next year and see if we can put a plan, a blueprint any way for the incoming county executive. >> reporter: some visitors to the county administration building were surprised he even thoughed up. >> oh, wow! i don't know what to think. >> reporter: it was clearly not business as ounty employees wit
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pass could get elevator access to most upper floors. >> acting like they are hiding something. why is it hush hush and shut down? >> reporter: meanwhile, jack johnson says he is here for the duration. if you look closely, and we did, we couldn't see the electronic monitoring bracelet he's said to be wearing. >> for his part, johnson says he will finish what he started eight years ago. >> thank you. right now county executive elect baker is making comments speaking about the case, responding to the corruption. let's listen in. >> in no way should the this deter the direction of prince georges county for those who are ready, eager and i would say excited about this move to make this county or to take this county from good to great. so today, i and those gathered here this evening stand with the people of prince georges
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county and advise you and say keep your head high. keep your focus down the path of greatness. because on december 10th -- december 6th, 2010, sorry, we will begin a new government that will keep the promises that we made during the
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campaign to make what is a good county a truly great county. so, i want to thank my colleagues for coming out here today to stand beside me. god bless the people of prince georges county and thank you for coming today. i will answer a few questions. thank you very much. >> you have been listening to county executive elect baker there speaking about the -- sponging to the corruption investigation. as you heard him say he is set to take office on december 6th. you can depend on fox 5 for complete coverage of this county-wide corruption probe. head to for the latest we have gathered on the investigations. we are also streaming that question and answer period with him. you can share your thoughts on our wb page. we is a special page where you can react to the news. it is right there. a key player in the chandra levy murder trial did not take the stand. do not miss the play by play up next. we thought this would be a typical redskins eagles game when there was a benching and now mcnabb goes from the benching to the bank. a long-term extension you won't believe. the details are coming up next. keep it here. fox 5 news at 5:00 is just getting started.
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well, tonight is a big rematch. the redskins are hosting the eagles on monday night football, but the game is taking a backseat to developing news from fedex field. sports director dave feldman is there with the latest. i like how you put it, from the bench to the bank. >> a very nice bank. it makes sue palka's money pail by comparison. here's the deal as you look at the traffic on monday night football on the beltway. it will be another sellout.
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90,000 plus as they are coming in on a cold, not brittle but a brisk night in the nation's capital. you talked about the big news. it involves mcnabb. he was benched a while ago and now going to the bank to the tune of five years and 78 millions. $40million guaranteed. it averages 15.5 per season and could be wto a maximum with incentives of $88 million. i bring in our analysts on the pregame show. rick doc walker. what do you make of this move? the timing of it and the move in general. >> i think the timing was brilliant because if you were watching the redskins what they have done best the last decade is marketing and they market the situation that was in flex and there was a lot of people that weren't really happy with what happened from a football standpoint and a social standpoint and blew it out of the water and they invested in a guy that i think is on the cover of the magazine. he represents what the team is. and so it was a union that was probably eventually going to happen any way, dave, but i think what happened with a minute and 58 seconds to go
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sped it up. >> mike shanahan, and reluctantly doc said we try to do our best and sometimes they don't work out. that's as close as he will get to making an admission of a mistake but there are reports that they cut the play book in half and donovan wasn't a hard practice player. and this country seem to be in line with a contract extension. >> you have kyle shanahan, the coordinator he comes in contact with and then pops. i think the conflict, if there was or whatever the situation was had to be between kyle and mcnabb. it is not a conflict -- when we work together every day, five days a week we would be arm wrestling and fighting. >> and i would need a raise. >> and that's okay because we still love each other but what comes out is a new relationship, an investment in a five time pro bowler. if some guy comes in as a news
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director and tells you how to do the sports it will be tough on him. >> 40 million guaranteed. that is what they gave haynesworth. we were talking if they are going to give it to haynesworth, who the jury was out, quick answer, then why not give it to a guy with credibility. >> who can help you win and is your best chance to help you win. he needs help, though. he needs offensive line help and some play makers to step up and make plays for him. >> mcnabb signed to a long-term extension. the subplot as the eagles and redskins get ready for monday night football. and a reminder to watch the game on my 20 tonight at 8:30. and following the game the only way to watch the over the air broadcast is on my 20. we will have live post game. you will hear from shanahan and mcnabb. the million dollar man. that's tonight at 8:30 on my
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20. >> thank you very much. the first ladies of football are working out doing their thing behind them. >> little chilly tonight as folks head out to the game. >> much different than last week, right, sue. >> that nice string of days has come toed and now. no doubt about it. the clouds are there. one thing for fans. what you are seeing is pretty much what you will get most of the game. it is not going to get a lot colder, low 50s. check out the redskins fast forecast for game time. the 8:30 kickoff which felly mentioned will be seen on my 20. a lot of clouds and 53 degrees but we cannot rule out a second half shower a light one and maybe like a fourth quarter shower. i will show you where it is coming from. we will go to true view and we have rain on the move. it's in the forecast. you can see it creeping up to richmond. this is very light stuff but this overrunning rain tends to move faster than we expect it to. it is coming from way down in the gulf of mexico. there's an area of low pressure
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and a frontal boundary and that front will be riding up -- or the low pressure will ride up and along that front during the day. it's going to bring waves of rain in here. we are watching for rain and it will likely begin in a light fashion later tonight. i will have the full forecast coming up and let you know how much rain we think we will get out of that when i join you with the full forecast. >> thank you very much. a developing story in the chandra levy murder trial. late this afternoon, the defense rested and the prosecution dropped two more charges against the man accused of levy's murder. paul wagner is live from the courthouse tonight with more details. paul? >> reporter: well, some interesting developments today. we did not know the charges had been dropped. they were not announced in open court. reporters heard the prosecutors
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talking to the defense about dropping two charges and we had to scramble to find out if it is true and it is. we understand now the kidnapping and attempted robbery charges have been dropped. so ingmar guandique is now facing two counts of felony murder but again there's a gag order in the case. so we are not sure why the charges are dropped and we're not getting any guidance at this point. you mentioned the defense has closed. so now we are to closing arguments tomorrow at 11:00 a.m. the defense rested with money more witness, an inmate from missouri. >> reporter: a former cell mate of ingmar guandique's told the court he never heard ingmar guandique mention chandra levy ' east name or confess to attacking her in rock creek park. jose testified via closed circuit television from a prison hospital in missouri. testified that he shared a 12 by 8-foot cell with not only ingmar guandique but armando moral less, as well. morales, previously testified that ingmar guandique confessed to killing chandra levy were the two were cell mates in 2006. morales told the court, ingmar guandique was looking for advice on how to deal with gang members at a new prison he was
5:21 pm
expected to be transferred to because he feared being labeled a rapist and attacked. but today, jose told the court he was locked up with ring inand morales, 24 hours a day and never heard the confession. however, on cross-examination, he admitted he was sleeping more than usual at the time because he was recovering from a gunshot wound. he also admitted to not being fluent in spanish and was sometimes listening to the radio with head phones. ingmar guandique and morales, he said, always spoke to each other in spanish. >> so what you have got here is three cell mates in one small cell. one man says that ingmar guandique confessed and the other man said he never heard that. earlier today the judge asked ingmar guandique if he was going to testify in his own defense. he stood up. the judge asked him several questions. ingmar guandique confirmed he had spoken with his attorneys and he would not be testifying. again, closing arguments down
5:22 pm
here at dc superior court tomorrow. >> with two charges dropped, two last week dropped. this seems to erode the case even further. what's the reaction from the jury? can you see on their faces what their reaction is to this? >> well, they didn't announce in open court. that's the thing that threw all of us out here. they didn't stand up and say, judge, we are dropping these two additional charges. so the jury didn't even hear that. this all leaked out. we overheard conversation and heard, yes, in fact two more charges have been dropped and they are down to two felony counts of murder at that point. it is a very serious charge but that's what we are dealing with. gone from six down to two. >> all right. paul wagner. we know you will be staying op top of this. of course you can remember you can follow the action yourself, head to to read paul wagner's blog as the new developments come in. he's updating them from his seat in the courtroom. and we are staying on top
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of that massive corruption investigation in prince georges county. >> jack johnson and his wife, not the only arrest in multiple probes. we will look at what it will take to push the cases forward coming up at 5:30. also ahead, make room for the rookies in town. a brand new congress is less than two months from taking office but the shake-up on the hill is already underway. the story is next. don't forget to cast your vote. it is time for the fox 5 high school football game of the week and this time you are voting for a player matchup. the schools vying for the top spot are on the screen. you tell us where you think the action is and the fox 5 sports team will cover the game on friday. go to or text your vote to 29473. remember, standard rates do apply. we'll be right 
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old and new members of congress collided today as the current congress returns to wrap up a lame duck session and newly elected representatives
5:27 pm
come to town to get ready for january's session. jennifer davis has a political wrapup. >> that you take this -- >> reporter: chris koontz and joe manshin become the newest senators following the midterm election wins. the these two buck the trend because most newly congressional elected members arriving if the start of freshman orjenation are republicans. >> people want a different course for america. >> reporter: while new members get acclimated, democrats still have the majority. >> american voters sent us a message two tuesdays ago. the message is they want us to deliver. >> reporter: republicans off of midterm victories say they have a mandate from voters. >> let us put our democrat colleagues on notice. if you use this lame duck session to advance your big government agenda you will be ignoring the will of the american people. >> reporter: republicans backed
5:28 pm
by the tea party also pushed gop senators to vote on tuesday for a two-year moratorium on earmarks. often called pork spending. the senate republican leader said he is listening to voters, a long-time defender of earmarks says he will now support the ban. >> old habits aren't easy to break but sometimes they must be. >> reporter: newly elected members don't assume office until january but will vote this week on party leaders. on political captiol hill, jennifer davis, fox 5 news. we are taking the tough questions to the experts. a look at what we can expect as corruption cases in prince georges county move forward. we'll be right 
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today nine more people were arrested and charged in a scheme involving extortion guns and drugs. federal officers arrested johnson and his wife at their home on friday. they are charged with witness and evidence tampering in a federal investigation involving bribery of a developer. joining me that tuck about the jackson case is a former federal prosecutor and now defense attorney. thank you for joining us. you have been on the other side of this, prosecuting corruption cases. the residents of prince georges county are stunned and the question i hear over and over again is what is next for the johnsons? >> what is next for the johnsons is probably a difficult decision, which is cooperate or go to the distance. what we have seen in terms of the charging documents is they are bare bones, simple. obstruction tends to be the down fall of many accused in white collar crime. perfect example, martha stewart. but in reading the documents it's clear the government has
5:33 pm
much more with which they can certainly charge the county executive, and i think right now there's a little chess game that's going on. they have not been charged by indictment. they have not been charged by information. just a criminal complaint which is the first stage of the process. the government has said, they are innocent, they are not guilty at this point. the government has yet to put forth to any trier of fact any of the charges. >> so from what you have seen in this, you think that more charges could be forthcoming against either jack johnson and his wife. >> the language is such that it certainly can. again, the obstruction allegation certainly are powerful. and where you have wiretaps and consensual monitoring. where you have a cooperating witness, those are difficult cases. but that is true with any public corruption case. for the government it is about building, very slowly to put together that case against the
5:34 pm
senior person whom they are trying to charge. there's going to be a lot of -- there's a potential for a lot of give and take here. the county executive, whose wife is now subject to criminal charges, and there are other people who can be implicated. there are a lot of people who have a lot to offer, but the government is holding the cards right now and it will be up to the county executive really to make the next move in response to the steps the government has already taken. >> today we heard nine more were arrested including prince georges county police officers. you talked about this a second ago. do you think this is the tip of the iceberg? we have heard of the county council, this being far reaching, people been being indicted and arrested here. >> we know it is the tip of the iceberg because the united states attorney said so. he is a thorough and meticulous has said so. how today's indictment ties in
5:35 pm
ties in to the charges mr. john soon his wife -- johnson and his wife we don't know. but looking right now it is fair to expect we will see many more charges. but that also includes, as the government investigates, people recognizing prosecutors are not afraid to bring the charge and that may inclusion corporation cooperation. >> thank you for coming in tonight. we appreciate it. jack johnson will leave office in a few weeks an the man who will replace him, rash earn baker is talking. he told people who did do business in the county the plan is to move forward and make prince georges county better. >> we are standing together to say to the men and women out there, not only who live in prince georges county but who are thinking of coming to prince georges county that our focus will be on those issues we ran on.
5:36 pm
improving our education system, expanding our tax base by getting businesses to move out here and we are going to work together. that's why we are coming out here right now to say we are moving straight ahead. our eyes are clearly focused on december 6th, making sure we have a government that is ready to lead. >> reporter: baker says he will make sure that everyone he works with is the best person for the job. our coverage of this corruption probe continues on-line. head to for a closer look at the indictments and also you will have a chance to share your thoughts on the investigation. it is all right there on the home page. complaints about the full- body airport scanners took over a homeland security security news conference today. officials had hoped to get everyone talking about a new campaign urging people in dc to report suspicious activity. but as beth parker found out, passenger protests grabbed the attention. beth? >> reporter: we of course go through an awful lot before stepping on a plane these days and some travelers are beginning to push back.
5:37 pm
they do not like the new high- tech full-body scanning machines, but they think the alternatives might be even worse. >> reporter: john never even made it on the plane on saturday. he was supposed to fly out of san diego international, but he wouldn't agree to step in to a full-body scan machine. >> they asked me to go through the scanner. i told them i don't think so. and those are literally the words i used. >> reporter: the tsa said he would have to have a pat down. he reported it on his -- he recorded it on his smart phone. >> we will doing the groin check. hand on the inner thigh. slowly go up and down. >> reporter: he warned the transportation security administration security officer not to get too personal. >> if you touch my junk i will have you arrested. >> reporter: his comments did not go over well. advanced imaging technology or ait scanners have been in place in washington area airports for some time, but the machines are just reaching some other areas of the country.
5:38 pm
in places they are getting a chilly reception. homeland security secretary janet napolitano says the machines are not an electronic strip search as some describe them. >> all they do is ping in a private area, a way from the gates, with an image that is neither retained or transmitted. >> reporter: as for the new, more aggressive pat downs janet napolitano acknowledged there maybe room for improvements. >> if there are adjust aments we -- adjust. s we need to make as we move forward we have an open ear and will listen. >> reporter: a man is organizing a one person crusade to get people to opt out of the screenings on the day before thanksgiving, a busy travel day. >> i really regret that. i want to say, let's be realistic and use common sense. >> reporter: now, brian the ashburn man behind of the out day said he did not want to do
5:39 pm
a tv interview but hopes that people opting out of the screenings will make congress look at the issue. he thinks the high-tech screening machines should be for secondary use not a first line of defense and as for the san diego man there he left the airport and never got on the plane. he said the tsa threatened him with legal action. >> oh, boy. thank you very much. may seem a little early but the question is have you made your list and checked it twice? >> my kids have [ laughter ] the holiday shopping season is almost here and one major retailer is hoping longer hours on black friday will keep the registers ringing. we have the scoop when we come ♪
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black friday. some sears stores will open on thanksgiving day. toys r us is opening at 10:00 p.m. on thanksgiving and staying open all night long. wal-mart is opening on midnight on friday. a manned mission to mars with no return trip. the men wrote the article for the journal of cross million and say humans must begin to colonize another planet in a backup in case the effort is destroyed in a catastrophe. they are comparing it to early settlers of america. >> i'm all for the pioneers but i'm not going to be one. >> let us know how it works out. >> so you know last week's beautiful weather had to eventually come toed and. changes are coming. sue is tracking the forecast. a round of wet weather on the horizon. don't miss it. it coming up in just minutes. we'll be right 
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a british couple held hostage by pirates more than a year are finally free. they believed the kidnappers would kill them if no one paid millions of dollars for their ransom. we look the end of this ordeal. appearing gaunt but okay, a retired british couple is set free in somalia. they were held by pirates for 13 months [ inaudible ] >> reporter: on sunday, rachel and paul chandler walked across the airport tarmac smiling and thanking people. the couple said they were fine, but will undergo medical checks. this retirees were sailing from the island nation on their yacht when it was commandeered. pilots had initially sought a $7 million ransom for the couple captured in october of 2009. more than $400,000 was dropped from a plane in june, but it did not result in their
5:48 pm
release. so, in recent days, somali's transitional government and a somali community in britain agreed to make a further payment. the couple told the bbc they were beaten once in captivity and were promised they would be freed several times. >> happy to be alive. anxious to see family and friends [ inaudible ] >> reporter: despite an international flotilla of warships and aircraft, pilots can't to crowell the ocean. some estimate that somali pirates are holding hundreds hostage in more than 20 vessels. >> fox 5 news. >> what a story. harrowing ordeal for them. back here at home, we can see changes. it is more gray and cool outside. >> rain mostly tomorrow but i know a lot of folks are heading out to fed eck and we can see
5:49 pm
the stadium beginning to fill. >> you see his hair. >> it is inflating because of the humidity that is coming. it is about the hair, no t the news. we are watching fedex closely for you and what a beautiful shot it is. if you are heading out there i think there could be some light sprinkles toward the end of the game. maybe a light shower. nothing showing up on radar right now but i'm not sure we will get through the night without a little light rain but the bulk of this will hold off until tomorrow and go skins! you better beat the eagles. we are insisting on it tonight. if you are heading not it will not get much cooler than it is right now. by 9:00, 53 and as we head in to 11:00 that's when i think the clouds will start to give way to a couple of light showers or sprinkles, 52 degrees. so if the game hasn't wrapped up by then perhaps we will see that. i don't think you need a lot of rain gear but could get a little bit of light stuff later
5:50 pm
tonight. most of this is going to be very light overnight. and really light in the morning, by tomorrow afternoon we could probably get a better slug as the area of low pressure will come up and riding up the appalachians. would you believe late tomorrow night, not going to get very cool. we could have a thunderstorm, especially east of dc. along and east of 95 tomorrow night. nothing severe, though. and temperatures will remain in the 50s and we will get back to more sunshine, but tomorrow will be fairly rainy. we will likely need a little extra time for your commute, both of them. 59 is the high temperature today. the popular number at dumb less, as well. bwi 56. around the a upper 50s all of this week. temperatures at this moment, with the cloud deck that we have overhead, not too cool. 55 in the district. they will be slow slow to fall and apparently slow to come on the weather map tonight apparently. so moving along. satellite and radar. we will show you what we are seeing with this. also to be lacking in the data. might be time to pop the
5:51 pm
computer again. needless to say there is an area of low pressure. here it comes now. you can see the rain. it will be moving in our direction. the low itself will be riding up the appalachians and so probably the heaviest rain will be to our west during the day tomorrow. the forecast for tonight increasing clouds. the light rain will develop late, 48 degrees. maybe a patch of fog or two but as the clouds increase we think that will probably not be as big of a problem. periods of rain during the day tomorrow. probably heavier in the afternoon. we're not talking about a big soaking of rain, by the way, but enough to be uncomfortable on the roads and sometimes the leaves present extra slipperiness. 58 degrees and keep in mind maybe tomorrow night in to the overnight hours there could be a thunderstorm that we are watching for you. at 8:00 in the morning 51. by 4:00 a little heavier rain, 55 degrees. let's check out the future cast and you can see what we are talking about in terms of the progress of the rain. we have the clouds now. the nearest rain is in southwestern virginia.
5:52 pm
we will run this out to 10:00. we get the first light band coming in. i think that's why you may see that at the stadium. we go through the morning rush hour. fairly light rain with heavier stuff to the west and west of 81. weather for the evening rush hour, maybe heavier downpours embedded in there and perhaps 4:00 in the morning a line of thunderstorms east of dc tomorrow night. we go to wednesday, blustery, maybe an early morning shower and even thursday as a second front comes throughs, notice the snow in the mountains. could be a hit and miss sprinkle for us on thursday. in terms of rain, only talking about a quarter to a half inch of rain. maybe a few spots will get three-quarters to an inch but that's the heaviest rain we see out of this and it could linger in to the first part of wednesday. for those east of dc. 63 degrees. the big deal with wednesday is the blustery breezes that will be picking up behind it. it will be farewell to the remaining leaves on the trees. 58 spotty and sprinkle or so. friday and saturday, keep the trend going.
5:53 pm
not as warm as the past weekend but a lot brighter than the first couple of days of the week will be. >> sounds good. thank you, sue. >> go skins! a big disappointment for a japanese speed eater he failed to beat the record for eating a cheese pizza in under one minute and 45 seconds. he needed two minutes and 3 seconds to polish off the pizza. he thinks using a knife and fork slowed him down, you think? the power eater has an impressive resume. he won six nathans hot dog eating contests. i wonder if you had to use the fork and knife instead of shoving it in with your hands. former bill clinton in the hangover ii movie. harvey levin is live in l.a. is the president replacing mel gibson's cam row in the movie. >> william niecen is doing that but he has a mystery role in
5:54 pm
hangover. our spies in thailand gave us a picture yesterday that we put up on the website. it will be on the show tonight of bill clinton going on the set in thailand. we have a side by side picture of zach and bradley cooper. he did a cameo role and i believe he's the first president, other than reagan, who was an actor, to ever appear in a movie. so there you go. >> to so this was definitely your spies over in thailand said it is definitely a speaking part, is it a speaking part? >> well, our spies were not more specific than just that there was a cameo role but i'm assuming that bill clinton cannot go in to a room where he doesn't speak. >> probably very true. >> harvey, thank you so much. we look forward to seeing that picture and also the full report for tmz on tv at 6:30 here on fox 5. thank you. for now over to brian bolter for a look at the news edge at 6:00. we are staying on top of
5:55 pm
the corruption investigation in prince georges county. we will break down the developments including the arrest of nine people, including three prince georges county police officers. we'll also head to captiol hill where newly elected members of the house and senate are learning the ropes. find out what maryland's newest republican cram has to say about the -- republican has to say about the change in power. and it is redskins, eagles monday night matchup and the dye has been cast in the future of mcnabb.
5:56 pm
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5:58 pm
this is a problem usually associated with men, but a new health study shows women, who are stressed at work, may be damaging their hearts. researchers at brigham and women's hospital in boston found women with stressful jobs were 40% more likely to develop heart disease and were at highest risk of needing bypass
5:59 pm
surgery. the study followed 17,000 women over a ten-year period. a little drinking may be better for you than no drinking at all. three new studies show that moderate drinking lowers the risk of suffering a heart attack or stroke. light to moderate drinking for women is defined as one glass a day. for men two glasses a day. on the flip side, too much alcohol appears to have a negative affect. thank you so much for joining us tonight at 5:00. the news edge at 6:00 starts right now ♪ [ music ] this is fox 5's news edge at 6:00. >> that massive corruption investigation in prince georges county expanding by leaps and bounds today. and federal investigators say this is still only the beginning. it all started on friday with the arrest of county executive jack johnson and his wife leslie. they have been charged with evidence tampering, among other things as part of a probe in to a play for pay scheme.


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